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Can Collagen Powder Cause You To Gain Weight?

Can Collagen Powder Cause You To Gain Weight?

5 minute read

Collagen is a protein that acts as the "glue" of the body, literally holding everything together. It comes from the Greek word "Kolla" which means, well, glue!

Collagen is used by the body for everything; from maintaining skin and hair health to improving joint and ligament flexibility. But can collagen powder cause you to gain weight?

Can Collagen Cause Weight Gain?

The question of whether or not collagen is the cause of weight gain has been debated heavily in the last few years. This is because it promotes more water retention than fat storage which would make you look heavier.

However, some people claim that it improves their energy levels and metabolism which would make them actually lose weight!

The answer to the question not only depends on your age and gender but also on the diet and lifestyle you follow. Do you sit at a desk all day and not exercise at all? Do you eat fatty, mainly processed foods? You need to pay attention to the details.

The short answer:

Collagen does not cause you to gain weight. 

There's no evidence that collagen powder causes you to gain weight, but aside from helping you build muscles, there's nothing in a collagen supplement to cause you to gain weight either.

In fact, collagen is actually a vital tool in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Here’s how:

Collagen Powder Supports Your Metabolism

If your metabolism takes its own time, then gaining weight is one of the things that you could blame it for.  Taking collagen powder each morning with your coffee, smoothie or tea, actually supercharges your metabolism - in addition to your healthy diet and active lifestyle, of course.

Collagen helps you gain lean muscle mass, which helps your body burn more calories, supporting your metabolism.

Collagen Powder Actually Makes You Feel Full

Sometimes, our belly sends the signal to our brain that it hasn't been satisfied, and is still empty - thus your hunger for more. This results in overconsumption of calories and you know the rest - gaining weight.

We usually consume more refined carbohydrates than the macronutrients (fats and proteins) that make us feel satiated.

Taking collagen powder with any meal can help provide the feeling of fullness for a longer time, which means you won't be feeling hungry, thus you won't consume more, which means, losing weight, not gaining weight.

Collagen powder may also help suppress hunger hormones, like ghrelin. Some research has even shown that collagen powder is more filling than other protein powders like soy, casein, and whey. 

You May Experience These Positive Effects While Taking Collagen Powder

For such a small little protein, collagen plays a huge role in our bodies. Collagen is vital on every part of our body, and not only that, it helps us slower our ageing.

Here's what taking collagen supplements can help do for your body.

Collagen Helps Your Body Build Muscle

Collagen makes up 10% of your muscle tissue. It's therefore essential to your quest for gaining muscle mass! Scientific research suggests also that maybe collagen helps synthesize creatine, which is also another muscle protein - which in the form of a supplement is mostly consumed by athletes to beef up their muscles.

In terms of weight, as a general rule the more muscle mass you have, the more your body burns calories and fat. Having more lean muscle means being healthier, with fewer problems later. Thus, the key to a speedier metabolism is in the amount of muscle you have.

Collagen Helps You Strengthen Your Bones

If you are in your 30s - 40s reading this article, you may not consider your bone health right now. However as you age, your bone density decreases and this puts you at risk of fractures and injuries that, in some cases, could be life-threatening.

FACT: Your bones are made mostly of collagen. This means, that supplementing your diet with collagen powder can help support your bones and keep them strong and healthy, protecting you against age-related bone deterioration and accidents.

Collagen Helps You Improve Your Joint Health

Several clients came to CORREXIKO looking for a solution to their aching joints. We have cases of people with knee pain which practically disappeared after taking collagen. Waking up in the morning with knee pain, or limiting your activity because of pain in the joints is not nice to have.

As we age, the cartilage between our joints begins to deteriorate. And guess what - this cartilage is made up of collagen! 

Adding collagen powder into your everyday diet can help support joint health, reduce joint pain, and promote continued mobility as we grow older. No one likes to be in pain.


Collagen does not help you gain weight, but it can make you feel full which in effect helps you lose weight, with the help of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Adding collagen powder to your everyday diet helps you not only with your skin feeling and looking firm but also with managing your weight, boosting your metabolism and helping your bones, joints and cartilage set free from ageing.




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