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10 Cosmo Beauty Hacks For Baggy Eyes And Dark Circles

By Renee Kruger May 11, 2021 0 comments

Kim Kardashian West recently took to social media to discuss her go-to beauty hacks for concealing tired eyes. These Cosmo beauty hacks for baggy eyes and dark circles are genius, too.


I have dark under-eye circles that can get really blue and purple when I’m tired,” said Kim, “so my secret weapon to cover them up is with a corrector.”


Watch Kim’s video tutorial below, or jump to the Cosmo beauty hack article here.

Baggy eyes and dark circles can leave you looking and feeling not-your-best. Before you reach for your go-to concealer product, there may be ways to minimise future dark circles under your eyes, and eliminate the baggy, puffy half-moons once and for all.

What causes baggy eyes and dark circles?

To get to the root of your baggy under-eye problems, you need to understand what causes them.


Whilst some eye shape and contour issues are definitely genetic in nature, other factors can play a contributing role in how prominent these features appear in the mirror.


An increase in skin pigmentation may also be a contributing factor, especially in those with darker skin tones. If you’ve been considering using fillers to plump out and correct this, here’s a handy tip to see if pigmentation is the cause for those dark circles:


Pretend you’re taking a selfie from the top down (so your face appears slimmer in the pic) and in good light. If the shadow under your eyes does not disappear in the light, chances are it’s pigment-related and a filler won’t do you much good.


Fragile under-eye skin may be a result of damaged capillaries and can highlight dark skin patches and dark circles, making them show through your average everyday concealer. 

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Your health and lifestyle play an important role in your outward appearance, too. Some of these factors include:


Whilst internalizing some of your work-related stress can be good for productivity (in the moment), the results can also be disasterous for your skin.


Stress sends the blood in your body to the organs that need it most at those times – and your skin isn’t one of them!


This may leave your skin looking and feeling pasty and parchment-like. This process may also contribute to broken and damaged capillaries around the eyes.


At this point, the spreading (or leaking) fine lines of blood under the surface can pool and add extra darkening to already purplish hues around the eyes.


In addition, medications that dilate blood vessels could add to your under-eye woes by increasing the blood flow in these fragile capillaries, deepening the shadows lurking there.


To complicate matters even more, cortisol – the stress hormone – leads to an over-production of oil (sebum) in your skin, which may cause breakouts and acne flares.

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For those with medical and autoimmune-related conditions, chronic fatigue is almost a way of life. Stress adds to this load by creating a constant state of inflammation in the body – and your skin is the first to show it.


Baggy and saggy eyes are one of the most common ways to tell if you or a loved one is overly tired. And it’s not just a lack of quality sleep that can cause the skin under your eyes to be more prominent and appear more pale than usual.


Rubbing your eyes when you’re tired can weaken the thinnest areas of skin on your face. Wearing heavy glasses that drag your face down can also add to fine lines and visible signs of aging.

Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies

Illness and vitamin deficiencies can cause your skin to appear sallow, sunken, and vividly purple in some areas, especially under the eyes or around the mouth.


In these instances, deficiencies in vitamins or minerals like iron may result in a low iron count in your blood. Iron is an essential mineral that helps deliver oxygen to your vital organs, by aiding in the production of the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin protein.


Known as anemia, iron deficiencies are a serious medical condition. You should consult with your medical practitioner as soon as possible if you feel tired or short of breath and suspect that you may not be getting enough iron in your diet.

Sun Damage

Another core vitamin you may be deficient in as your region moves from colder winter months and into warmer summery temperatures, vitamin D deficiencies can lead to bone, joint, or muscle pain, and affect your energy levels and your moods, as well as being the reason behind your unexplained fatigue.


Excessive sun exposure on the other hand can lead to damaged and burnt skin, sun spots and skin pigmentation issues, and cause premature aging and wrinkles, whilst leaving your skin feeling leathery and dry.


Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your eyes can help to minimise this UV damage, but may leave your eye area looking pale and wan, further enhancing the dark circles or bagginess around your eyes.

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Lifestyle Choices

Although there are times here and there when a take-out meal or a drink is warranted under certain conditions, going overboard shows in the under-eye bags and puffy skin we’re left with.


The main culprits behind fluid retention, alcohol and high-sodium (salty food) diets are characterised by poor lymphatic circulation which draws water into your skin’s tissues.


Extreme moderation is called for in both instances.

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10 Cosmo Beauty Hacks for Baggy Eyes and Dark Circles

Kim’s makeup hack is a bit wasted on those who don’t or can’t wear concealer to hide their blue and purple under-eye circles.


To get to the root of the problem, you need to target the causes by following these 10 simple Cosmo beauty hacks for under-eye glow and natural skin nourishment from the inside:

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10 Cosmo Beauty Hacks For Baggy Eyes And Dark Circles - Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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