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12 Top Tips to Boost Your Energy

By Renee Kruger September 22, 2020 0 comments

Browse our top fatigue-fighting tips to boost your energy, improve your skin, get a better night’s sleep, and help you cope.

As you age, your body becomes less able to fight off the effects that chronic stressors have on your system. 


Browse our top tips to boost your energy, improve your skin, fight off fatigue, get a better night’s sleep, and help you cope.

Why Should You Boost Your Energy?

Where once you needed very little sleep to be up and running again, now that you’re older it’s become harder to boost your energy because you’re just too tired all the time.


The brain reacts both positively and negatively to stress. These are your coping mechanisms. When your brain is unable to cope, chronic worry sets in and results in allostatic overload – an overwhelmed system.

What Causes Allostatic Overload?

Physical manifestations of allostatic overload occur when your body is tired from coping with the overload on a cellular level.


Exhausted, your body tries to tell you in many health-related ways that you’re in trouble.


But did you know that chronic stress, infections, and health conditions also deplete collagen supplies in your body at an alarming rate?


Stress is also directly responsible for how your body responds in times of physical or mental need, because a system that’s run down can’t fire on all cylinders.


As you age, your immune system operates less efficiently, and contributes significantly to your overall health status.


Much like your dog needs added nutrients now that he’s older, your body also needs to be fed and nourished with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutraceutical supplements that support and carry you through the aging process.

What Is Fatigue?

A significant part of getting older, fatigue is something that creeps in while you’re not paying attention and slowly erodes all your health reserves.


A tired body also only takes care of the most essential of needed services, so your skin may suffer so your eyes can work properly, or you may find that your balance or concentration is a little off.

Top Tips To Boost Your Energy:



  • Water. Dehydration makes your body function less efficiently.
  • Caffeine. While a couple of caffeine drinks per day can potentially boost your energy and stimulate mental alertness, more than that could also have the opposite effect and make you feel anxious or irritable, could negatively affect your work, and may disrupt your sleeping patterns. 
  • Meals. Don’t skip meals because your blood sugar levels will dip. Eat regular, small meals to maintain a constant energy level.


  • Adults need between 6-8 hours sleep per night.
  • Limit caffeine after hours. See above.
  • Relax. A tense body can’t fall asleep.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to your body.
  • Exercise. Physical activity boosts your body’s energy levels, while sitting still creates sluggish fatigue.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to avoid depression and anxiety.
  • Get Help. Whether your stressors involve workplace issues, a demanding job, conflicts at home or work, personal crises, or financial woes, burnout is a common cause of fatigue.
  • Do nothing. But only if you lead a hectic lifestyle.
  • Have fun. Laughter remains the best medicine, is infectious, and is considered one of the best natural energy-boosters out there.

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