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Build Strong Muscles At Home In Just 7 Minutes A Day – Naturally

By Renee Kruger January 19, 2021 0 comments

Build strong muscles from home and maintain healthy joints naturally. Greater strength and muscle tone are core to keeping your body healthy and fit – for life!


To build strong muscles and cartilage, strength-training differs slightly from body-building in a couple of fundamental ways, most notable of which is that muscle is a by-product of strength training, not the goal. Strength training focuses on seven types of strength and is about physically developing these strengths so that our bodies become well-oiled machines.


What Is Strength Training?

Strength training focuses on seven types of strength to build strong muscles, and is about physically developing these strengths within our muscles, so that our bodies become well-oiled machines.


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For protein-based life forms (like humans and pets), ‘well-oiled’ means we need to eat omega-based seeds, nuts, and fish to maintain that ‘well-oiled’ body we all want. In addition to this, our overall health is enhanced by: 

  • following a nutritious and balanced diet
  • getting enough sleep and rest
  • practicing healthy lifestyle habits and rituals
  • staying consistently active
  • remaining connected to our social networks (friends and family)
  • drinking enough water
  • finding lifelong purpose in meaningful work, study, or internship
  • ensuring we get all six essential nutrients to supplement our diet and support our lifestyles

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Why Do We Need To Build Strong Muscles At Home?


Musculoskeletal pain can be diagnosed in over 150 different ways that include your muscles and bones, your joints and tissues, and your tendons and ligaments. Pain can arise suddenly – such as from a sprain – or can belong to chronic health conditions such as Piriformis (muscle/nerve pain).


Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, musculoskeletal pain limits mobility, reduces the amount of social interaction you’re likely to have, and makes us slow to respond and react on a physical level.


While lockdown certainly forced us to take a break from life in general and re-evaluate our choices, it also allowed us a chance to unwind, relax, de-stress.

For many (such as frontline workers), there simply is no time for any of this and exercise and strict routines have given them the critical and life-saving ability to remain focused, alert, and effective in pandemic times.


We take this opportunity to thank all frontline staff and volunteers worldwide for their ongoing efforts to combat the current pandemic and take care of those in need of support.



Build Strong Muscles At Home In Just 7 Minutes A Day - Naturally (stats) | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
Source: and

You can’t pour from an empty cup, and the human body is no different. The result of everything you put into your body is the life you lead. What this means is that everything you see, hear, touch, taste, or experience has the ability to lower your quality of life (QoL) in ways that aren’t particularly enlightening to us at first.


Then as you age, QoL becomes a major consideration in the life decisions you make. You change and correct your diet, settle down and party less, live long and prosper, and deal with a bunch of “getting old” problems such as age spots, balding and greying hair, loss of mobility (due to creaky old joints), sleeplessness, and more.

Looking for inspiration?

Watch Bob and Brad - the internet's most famous physical therapists - as they walk you through power squats at home to build strong muscles ...

What Do I Need To Do To Build Strong Muscles?

To build strong muscles from home – especially during pandemic times – you need to maintain an active kind of lifestyle, no matter how small that may seem to others.


Maintaining an active lifestyle as you get older gets a little harder because your body produces less collagen, which results in damage and atrophy to connective tissue. This damage can be seen in wrinkled skin, aching joints, weak or brittle bones, and decreased muscle mass and strength.


Active people understand that diet plays an important role in the amount of energy you have available to manage the task at hand. As you get older though, your body tends to use less of what you put into it. An active lifestyle keeps your body performing at its best for longer – even though that hasn’t really been possible lately.


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How Can I Build Strong Muscles From Home?

Strength training is something you can do at home to improve your cartilage, joint and bone health, encourage agility, and build strong muscles.






BY DOING THIS @ HOME (àstart here)



Agile and


Improve muscle and connective tissue resilience


Reduce risk of sprains, muscle pulls, and injuries

Fluid, forward movements such as picking up and
carrying a young child in one movement (or a sports bag)

Generate enough force to fluidly move objects from one place to the next

Use dumbbells, medicine balls, sandbags, and various free-weight equipment to practice fluid movement

What is Multi-Planar Movement?


Maintain a stabilized posture for an extended period
of time


Enhance your ability to perform many functional tasks

Endurance events


Marathons or triathlons


Yard work or household chores


Great when moving house

Maintain consistent muscle force levels for longer with less muscle fatigue


Supply oxygen and nutrients to working muscles


Removes metabolic waste

Movement exercises that use a variety of equipment


Body-weight exercises

Best nutrition to help you build strong muscles


Produce maximum force in minimum time


Drastically improve reaction times

Throwing a shot-put or javelin


Moving quickly out of danger

Reduce reaction times


Improve muscle and connective tissue resilience


Activate type II muscle fibers.

Compound and single-joint movements using a variety of free weights

What are compound movements?


Increase bone density and strength.





Strongman competitions

Activate muscle fibers to generate higher force levels


Increases muscle-building hormone levels

Compound and single-joint movements

Learn squats at home 

(for beginners)


Increase the amount of force generated per kg of body weight

The ability to call on needed muscles during times of
physical stress

Improve neuro-muscular efficiency


Improve performance in many sports and activities

Relative strength results from using all different types of strength training methods to be able to generate greater levels of force at a consistent body weight

your pace through neuro-muscular fitness


Increase the maximum force produced during a
high-speed movement


To move as fast as possible for max results without

Throwing a baseball


Swinging a golf club


A fast sprint


Breaking down a wall

Minimize reaction times


Enhance sports performance


Reduce the stretch-shorten cycle

Compound movements using a variety of free weights;
unloaded body-weight movements

What is a stretch-shorten cycle?


Be ready to go at a moment’s notice


Have more starting strength at the beginning of tasks

A track start position


Getting up from a chair or stool

Improve muscle and connective tissue health


Reduce starting times for sports


Move smoothly between seated and standing positions

Extended squat training

Increase your
starting strength to build stronger muscles





BY DOING THIS @ HOME (àstart here)




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