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Alopecia: Collagen Rejuvenates Thinning Hair In Men & Women

By Renee Kruger July 08, 2021 | #alopecia #hairloss #thinninghair Hair Care | 0 comments

Alopecia is a hair-loss condition that affects everyone equally, in different ways. Daily use of collagen rejuvenates thinning hair in men and women. Alopecia is a hair-loss condition that affects men and women equally, though in different ways.    For men, this generally means an ever-widening patch of baldness on their...

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24 Healthy Foods For Hair Growth (For Every Diet)

By Renee Kruger July 01, 2021 | Hair Care | 0 comments

Your hair perfectly reflects your health and how well you look after yourself. To maintain healthy hair add these foods for hair growth to your dinner table, no matter what your diet is. Diet plays an integral role in overall health and well-being. Diets high in sugar and low in...

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Collagen Before And After Celebrity Hair: Make-Overs, Tips & Advice

By Renee Kruger April 29, 2021 | Hair Care | 0 comments

What do Drew Barrymore, Orlando Bloom, Dolly Parton, and Brad Pitt have in common? They all use collagen daily… Look, it’s not like celebrity endorsements can replace the word-of-mouth from our friends and family, but when you see a good-looking celebrity, and hear that they use collagen, it’s time to...

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Get Great Lashes – Top Tips From Elle (+DIY Mascara Recipe)

By Renee Kruger March 30, 2021 | Hair Care | 0 comments

Want great eyelashes but not sure how? Check out Elle’s top tips for great lashes (and how to keep them!) and grab your quick and easy DIY mascara recipe here. No matter what look you’re going for, great eyelashes can seal it and really make your eyes POP!   Although...

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8 Ways Raw Cocoa Butter Enriches Hair (+ 3 DIY Recipes FREE!)

By Renee Kruger March 25, 2021 | #cocoabutter #haircare Hair Care | 0 comments

Raw cocoa butter is an ingredient that can enrich, repair, and protect your hair. These 3 DIY recipes are great for any hair type, and affordable, too. Finally! An all-natural product that’s good for all hair types!   We scoured the web to bring you these top tips and recipes...

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Thick Or Thin? The Celebrity Eyebrows That Got Vogue Talking

By Renee Kruger March 23, 2021 | Hair Care | 0 comments

Back in the 2010s, Vogue crowned Cara Delevigne as “Her Eyebrowness”, and with good reason. Keep reading for top tips on crafting celebrity eyebrows, and look like a star today.  Iconic Eyebrows In History Top Tips For Thicker Brows Iconic Eyebrows In History Celebrity Eyebrows That Shaped Trends As far...

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Can Thin Grey Hair And Hair Loss In Women Be Prevented?

By Renee Kruger December 29, 2020 | Hair Care | 0 comments

This best-practice hair care guide includes links to resources, DIY recipes, and top hair care advice to prevent thin grey hair and hair loss in women.   Hair loss in women could be the result of many things, including the fact that we lose an average of about 100 hairs a...

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30 Hair Loss Facts (And Best Products For Healthy Hair)

By Renee Kruger September 15, 2020 | #prematurebalding #patternbaldness #hairloss #thinninghair Hair Care | 0 comments

Androgenetic Alopecia is the root cause of all hair loss in 95% of men and over 60% of women. Find the best products for healthy hair to get your shine back. Many people think that hair loss is a male issue, but the stats on female pattern balding are just...

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5 Reliable Ways To Enhance Your Natural Glory Now

By Renee Kruger August 11, 2020 | Hair Care Skincare Tips and Advice | 0 comments

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding inexpensive ways to enhance your natural glory. Discover new ways to care for your whole body, not just your skin.    Enhance your natural glory and take your beauty and care routine to the next level.    Take action today with these 5...

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