Everyone loves to feel confident, so some of us put makeup on and use loads of hair and body products to achieve this. But this only covers up your skin, hair, and nail woes without healing them. You can eat right and attempt to obtain all of the wonderful beauty nutrients your body needs, but sometimes you need a little help. This is where Correxiko comes in.

Correxiko is an online company that sells any health and beauty supplements your heart desires. Their supplements are chock full of active ingredients that are clean, holistic, ethical, and best of all, free of fillers! Correxiko believes that with proper nutrition you can more effectively enhance your natural beauty from the inside out so you can use less topical skin products.

I was given the awesome opportunity to try some of these products, so I can say first-hand that this company is not messing around. They sent me two of their amazing vegan products to try: Organic Skinny Matcha Powder and The Skin Supplement: Close Up.

Organic Skinny Matcha Powder

If there is one supplement I recommend you absolutely must have in your handy health and beauty repertoire, it’s this. Matcha powder is so versatile. You can drink it in an almond milk latte or use it in whatever baking recipes you crave. Made from organic high grade matcha green tea powder, this stuff gives you a slow-release jitter-free caffeine boost for your morning grogginess or mid-afternoon slump. Also try it before or during a workout to boost your metabolism and reach maximum calorie burning potential!

My favorite part of the matcha is that it contains L-theanine which produces a natural relaxation response. Thanks to chlorophyll, this matcha tea is a natural skin and body detoxifier with 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. It smells refreshing and adds a lovely, fun green color to whatever you add it to.

How I Tried It

First, I added the matcha to a vegan vanilla protein powder that I mixed with water. The matcha taste was subtle and I could hardly tell it was there, which makes adding healthy antioxidants to your food easy and delicious.

Next, I put it in cold vanilla almond milk in a shaker bottle to help blend it up, and it was absolutely divine. You can have a simple green tea matcha latte with no effort at all! I had more energy after a few sips, and I hadn’t even had my daily coffee yet. A single teaspoon of matcha helped pique my energy so quickly! I felt calm, jitter-free, and ready to take on the day.

I had to try it in food, too, so I mixed it with some overnight oatmeal (oats, almond milk, chia seeds, matcha, and some peanut butter). It gave me a much needed energy boost to make it through the early morning.

I had been feeling pretty down when I first tried the matcha and after drinking this stuff twice a day, I felt uplifted. I’m not saying it cures depression, but it definitely made me feel better from day one. Probably due to the natural L-theanine which produces a zen-like calm. Seriously, I felt awesome.

The Skin Supplement: Close Up

This super supplement sachet nourishes your skin from the inside to provide the building blocks for younger looking, smoother, and softer skin by providing your body with 60 active and awesome ingredients. Each sachet comes with five capsules, each with a different function: anti-aging, smoothing and softening, correcting sun damage, increasing nutrient absorption, and increasing energy.

*Disclaimer: I did not change my skin care regime while using this product.

Before using Close Up, I had regular break outs and moderate cystic acne, oily skin on my t-zone, mild bags under my eyes most of the time, and large pores. My hair was pretty healthy aside from some frizzy split ends, and my nails were chipping and splitting all over.

After trying the supplement for four weeks I didn’t notice any huge differences. The packaging said it may take 12-18 weeks before major changes are evident. I only took the product for four, which may explain why I didn’t see any obvious changes in such a short time.

My nails did indeed become tougher and I noticed they were chipping less. While my complexion didn’t entirely clear, I noticed the color of my skin was noticeably less blotchy, softer, and more radiant. It was great to have the increasing nutrient absorption pill included, and I noticed my body became more regular. Again, none of these changes were incredibly but dramatic, but they were noticeable within the short time I tried the product.

The Bottom Line

I received a thoughtful seven-page letter in my box that detailed Correxiko’s values and described everything I could ever want to know about the products that I received. Overkill? I don’t think so. This small company shows care for their customers to the highest level I think I have ever witnessed. They even sent me a personal thank you letter for trying their products!

Everything comes in beautiful, fun packaging. I felt cool even being in the presence of these products. Correxiko’s products are pretty pricey, but most definitely worth the price. These are premium, clean, red-carpet-ready products to help you feel and look your best, so you know you’re gonna have to shell out some dough for something this awesome. I will definitely return to this small company for beauty supplements in the future. They are a high-quality, ethically-conscious, and holistic company, and you must check out their site and try their products to believe it!


Effective High-Dose Ingredients for Strong, Smooth, Beautiful Nails

  • Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants specifically focused on Nail Growth, Beauty, Strength and Health.
  • Brittle, Weak, Rough, Split Nails and Breakages are significantly reduced with consistent use.
  • Constant use of Nail Polish / Varnish / Remover, or a lack of nutrients being absorbed by the body, dramatically effects the look, feel & health of nails on hands and feet.
  • CORREXIKO’s Nail Supplement also heal cuticle damage
  • Nails grow faster and stronger with targeted Nail nutrition
  • Amongst 14 active ingredients, CORREXIKO’s Nail Supplement contains Horsetail Extract (providing a high dose of natural Silica), Biotin, Selenium, Amino Acids, Calcium & Iodine

Ever since I started blogging over 3 years ago (boy, does time fly), the first thing I did was start taking a Biotin supplement. I used to bite my nails when I was younger (terrible, I know!) and then my nails were subjected to years of abuse with acrylics, both salon and at-home. As a result, my nails have always been pretty brittle and tend to chip very easily. That is, unless I’m taking my daily Biotin supplement. Biotin supplements have helped my nails grow longer, stronger and less likely to break, despite the constant swatching and acetone exposure.

So, the first thing I looked for in the ingredients list of this supplement was Biotin. Once I located that, I was really pleased to note that it was vegan, gluten-free and “formulated without the use of chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours.” While I personally don’t follow any specific diet nor do I have allergies, I like that the formulation makes it available for those of my readers who do.

I’ve been taking these supplements and the verdict is pretty positive. My nails are definitely stronger and break less easily. The only con of note are the size of the pills–these are pretty large so if you have trouble swallowing pills, these may not be for you.

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