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About Us

‘Results’... If it works you’ll see or feel the difference.

‘Results’ is the only word any member of the team at CORREXIKO will talk about with any passion. We’re daring you to go through each any every one of the ‘body care’ items you have hanging around your home and ask yourself

 ‘Did it make a positive difference to my skin, my hair, my body,   my energy?’

 If it didn’t. Move on. You don’t have to buy a lot of things to make and keep yourself looking amazing, but you do have to invest in the things that work. Try not to get caught up in cool names and marketing. Just keep asking yourself ‘Does this work?’ Base all your decisions on this one very personal, very simple, question.

The beauty world & CORREXIKO

CORREXIKO stands for Beauty. We’re talking sexy, ageless, undefinable, infinite, confident, hot as hot can be, all-over-body BEAUTY. And it doesn’t start with face serum or collagen cream, that’s for sure.

It takes nutrition, a little bit more nutrition, and energy and exercise and sleep and, most of all, self-belief.

Where do I start?

So your base needs to be whole foods daily along with lots of water (lemon water, warm water, ice water, cucumber water….just lots of it). But then the real fun begins. CORREXIKO provides that extra nutritional boost you need to complete the dream beauty regime. From beauty supplements for you skin, hair and nails to anti-inflammatories to wholesome vegan protein powders – we have every single product you need to have dewy skin, abundant, strong hair, the body of your dreams and all the energy you need for the most stressful day of your life.

Let’s talk about sets, baby

We don’t believe in miracles, we believe in hard work and the Correx’d nutrition for your own body and your specific beauty concerns. That’s where our Sets come in. For each concern we know you’ve written to us about, we have created the dream group of products and we explain on each individual Set page, just where they fit into your busy, but beautiful, day