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We are so grateful to our Correxiko community for sharing their positive experiences with us.


"I really enjoy using the marine collagen. The biggest benefits I noticed [within 4 weeks] were in my skin which I thought looked more glowy and youthful. My knee and big toe pain definitely felt better. I also noticed a difference in my menopausal bloating, which is quite problematic for me - a really unexpected benefit."

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Amanda's routine: 10g of Correxiko marine collagen powder mixed into a morning drink with 4 Correxiko marine collagen capsules taken throughout the day.


Correxiko Customer Success Stories


"I have definitely noticed my skin feels plumper, more hydrated and my hair has grown and feels like it has much more volume. I also noticed my gut felt better too."


"The fine lines on my face and forehead have reduced and my skin feels like it has a glow. An added benefit was my sleep improved which in turn gave me more energy in the day."


"I must say that after using [Correxiko] collagen for a few weeks I have seen improvements in my joints especially - less pain and my arthritis is less uncomfortable. Really easy to use and I add it to my morning coffee"


"Taking [Correxiko] collagen helped with some of my menopause symptoms. People have commented on how good my skin looks. I put the powder in lemon water first thing in the morning. Great start to the day."


"I lost my hair to stress". Our customer Hannah shares her personal story on how she went from thinning, fragile hair to achieving her dream hair. 

"Dear Correxiko, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I now finally have the hair I always wanted. Full bouncy, healthy and shiny. I now have hair I want to show off rather than hide away. 

Three years ago, I was incredibly stressed; my career was exhausting, and my sleep was terrible. I was working hours around the clock and very unhappy in a high-pressure media job in London. I always used to have big, thick hair and was forever told how gorgeous my hair was, but as my job got more stressful, my hair started to fall out—every time I showered or brushed my hair, more and more kept coming out.  In the end, I went and got it cut shoulder length as it was looking so thin.  I then missed long hair so much, so I went to get extensions that cost me a fortune and also damaged my hair badly when they were taken out.  It was depressing,I started looking into shampoos, topical products, and every type of vitamin supplement that promised to give you thicker, fuller hair.  Nothing really seemed to work, and despite all the used bottles piling up in my bathroom, my hair still looked thin and wasn't growing like it used to. 

One summer, I had a friend over to meet my new puppy, and she had gone through a similar experience to me, losing hair through stress. She had been using a collagen supplement- Correxiko - each day and showed me all the new hair growing through - I was impressed! I was also sceptical as I had taken so many things and tried so much, but she ordered the first lot for me as she was convinced it would help me.  

I started to use it in my tea each morning or adding to my porridge. Within weeks I noticed little hairs had started to grow back.  My next trip to the hairdresser a couple of months later was much more positive as he said he could see new hair growth - I, at last, had hope that something was working. 

Fast forward six months, and my hair looked so much fuller; I could style it any way I wanted rather than in a way that would help it look more full. Three years later, I have the hair I dreamed of and feel much happier and more confident - I enjoy doing my hair now, which feels good.  I also have started my own life coaching business and am writing a book, so I am very happy. I have continued to take Correxiko every day and have recommended it to anyone who tells me they are unhappy with their hair. It's full and bouncy, and I feel good again. Thank You. This has changed my life for the better. 

Hannah x