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Can I use collagen powder every day to recover from a fracture?

Can I use collagen powder every day to recover from a fracture?

Laura Laura
6 minute read

Are you wondering whether you should use collagen powder every day to recover from a fracture? Yes, collagen powder surely speeds up the bone fracture healing process. No worries, as in this article, we will cover all confusing aspects of collagen powders. Let's dig right into the article to know what collagen powder actually is and how it speeds up fracture recovery?

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein chiefly composed of the amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. These amino acids play an important role in the structure building of cells, tissues, bones, and all parts of the body.

Hence, collagen is as necessary as the balance in insulin ratio of the human body. However, our body produces necessary collagen to help the processes like tissue repair, cellular communication, immune response, and cellular migration. 

We can also get collagen from dietary supplements such as CORREXIKO which uses bovine or fish skin.

You might not know, but the anti-ageing and skin whitening creams also include collagen. Various health professionals also use collagen products to treat burns, wounds, diabetic ulcers, and other diseases. 

How Collagen Powder speeds up fracture recovery?

Having your bone fractured can be truly irritating, particularly when you can't do even an essential task. The reason behind bone fracture is the absence of appropriate nourishment, which prompts a more fragile bone structure. After a fracture, your bone requires various components to remake. A healthy and well-planned diet with key supplements can assist with speeding up bone fractures.

Protein, for example, assists with healing broken bone ends together. Protein is tracked down basically in eggs, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, soy and different beans, and dairy food sources.

L-ascorbic acid is fundamental for collagen development. Also, it advances the recuperating of wounds and broken bones. Make a point to pack in more day-to-day L-ascorbic acid food sources, such as peppers, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, and other citrus organic products.

Being in a critical situation with a fractured bone means you might not intake the necessary collagen ratio. Therefore, experts advise intaking a specific ratio of collagen powder daily to speed up the recovery process of bone fracture.

How much collagen powder should I take daily for bone fracture?

Simply add 10gm of collagen every day, and you will see the supernatural healing speed. Collagen can help you in a great manner for the sooner healing of the bone fracture and furthermore decreases the gamble of future cracks. 

It is somewhat protein that is normally present in human bodies and deals with bone wellbeing. For that reason, taking collagen daily is significant. Bring a collagen pack at home today to not get your bone cracked again in the future.

What Causes Collagen Loss?

As you age, your collagen creation normally declines. Also, collagen becomes divided and all the more inexactly conveyed.


These progressions lead to the indications of maturing, like dry, saggy skin. The respectability of the collagen found in the skeletal framework diminishes with age, prompting decreases in bone strength. While collagen loss as you age are unavoidable, certain dietary and way of life elements can speed up this cycle.


For instance, smoking cigarettes is known to affect collagen production and cause skin ageing and loss of flexibility. Extreme drinking has additionally been displayed to speed up skin maturing by lessening collagen creation and harming skin-fix components.


Moreover, following an eating regimen high in added sugar and super-handled food varieties can prompt untimely maturing by adding to a glycation cycle, decreasing collagen turnover, and disrupting collagen's capacity to connect with encompassing cells and proteins.


Unnecessary sun openness corrupts collagen creation also, so wearing sunscreen and staying away from over-the-top sun openness can assist with forestalling indications of untimely skin maturing.

Tips for speedy fracture recovery:

Here are some expert tips to speed up your fracture recovery journey. 

·       Don't underrate the power of rest.

Next time, your parents nag you for moving too much and ask you to get some rest. Consider their advice seriously! It is a proven fact that if you move too much with a broken bone, then it will make your healing journey tough and slower. 

Thus, the power of rest can't be neglected while achieving a speedy recovery. Moreover, limiting your movements will ensure less pain and inflammation in the broken bone area. That's why doctors often prescribe complete rest to patients with bone fractures.

·       Take Collagen Powder

As discussed above, collagen plays an important part in strengthening and recovering broken ends of the bone together. Your doctor might have already prescribed you collagen supplements for fracture recovery. If not, get your collagen powder now for a speedy recovery. Moreover, collagen powder will also help recover the skin damage due to bone fracture.

·       Eat a balanced diet 

More supplements should be added for the healing of bone. Perfect sum minerals, nutrients, and proteins guarantee healing quicker. Normal eating wealthy in those supplements, including dairy items, green vegetables, cod liver oil, certain greasy fish and eggs, can support bone wellbeing and speed healing. 

High-protein diet helps in fixing cracked bones at a quicker rate. Our bone design is significantly comprised of protein. It is expected to polish off more protein-rich food or drink to assemble new bones for maintenance. It likewise helps you engross calcium and different nutrients effectively for solid bones. Incorporate eggs, chicken, milk, cheddar, curds, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, beans, soy items, and sustained grains in your everyday eating routine.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have discussed what collagen is and how it helps heal bone fractures. The summarized answer is that it's completely safe and beneficial to intake collagen powder or other collagen supplements with a broken bone. So, if you are wondering whether you should get collagen powder or not. Then, go for it and get collagen powder today to speed up the bone fracture journey.

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