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Am I too late for collagen? 92-year-old customer shares her morning routine that got her skin and hair looking “wonderful” again.

Am I too late for collagen? 92-year-old customer shares her morning routine that got her skin and hair looking “wonderful” again.

Am I too late for collagen to make a difference?

One of the most common questions we get asked from new customers is about age and whether collagen can really make a difference to their health and beauty later in life.  It normally looks a lot like this. 

“Dear Correxiko, I am in my 60s now and struggling with very dry skin, achy joints, brittle nails and thinning hair. Am I too late now for collagen to do anything to help?” 

The answer is NO - You are never too late! No matter what age or stage you are in your journey of life, adding collagen to your daily routine can make a profound difference to your beauty and well-being. 

Why? Just like the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water to stay healthy and hydrated and eating a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals we need, collagen is another vital ingredient that can help us maintain and rejuvenate the health of our skin, hair, nails, joints and much more. So yes, after countless customer testimonials of all ages giving us positive feedback about their experience, we know that whether you’re in your 30s, 50s or 90s, your body will utilise the benefits of collagen peptides to help you look and feel great. 

Barbara Stone, 92, Dorset, customer case study: 

“I was heading towards my 90th birthday and kept looking in the mirror, feeling pretty fed up with the appearance of my skin. I know I am ‘old’, but I did not feel old mentally. My skin felt so dry and thin, and the once-fine lines were getting deeper, especially around my mouth. My nails never grew well at all, so I had to get gel put on them to look good and stop them from breaking. My hair was thinning so much, especially on top,  that it made styling it really hard work.  

When my granddaughter came to stay with me for a weekend, she brought with her a pouch of Correxiko powder.  In the morning, she added it to her coffee and asked me if I wanted to try one, too.  She had been worried about my joint pain and poor mobility, so she was keen for me to try it out to see if I would like it and give it a go. 

I was dubious at first as I wasn’t so keen on a strange powder being added to my coffee, but I was extremely surprised and happy that I could taste absolutely nothing at all.  Although it was the joint pain she had been worried about, I told her that I was fed up with my skin looking so dry and aged, and no matter what expensive face cream I now used, I just could not seem to get it to feel or look good.  She insisted on buying me three months of Correxiko and told me to add it to my cup of coffee, tea or juice each morning. 

After three months, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done for my 90th birthday party, and she said, “My goodness, Barbara, your hair has grown so much; what have you been doing?” I told her that I had been using Correxiko, and she ordered it right away.  

I have just passed my 92-year birthday celebrations, and the improvements I have noticed since taking Correxiko each day are fantastic. My skin looks and feels so much better - I am constantly complimented by people I meet telling me how well I look. My nails are now strong and natural; I don’t have gel as I don’t need to; I just file them myself and put a natural varnish on them. My hair is so much thicker and fuller than it has been for years, and most importantly, for my grandaughter's peace of mind, my joints and mobility are so much better. I feel more confident on my feet when gardening, going for days out and doing chores around the house. 

I have also recommended numerous friends in their 80s and 90s to try Correxiko to help them and each one has told me how impressed they are. I am delighted, and so are they."

Barbara Stone 92, Dorset. 


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