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adding collagen to your every day

Simple ways to add Correxiko to drinks and food

Correxiko Collagen powders have a neutral taste, making them an easy addition to drinks and foods. Our collagen powders mix easily with coffee, lemon water, hot chocolate, smoothies and you can even add them to cereals and porridge as the powder is heat-stable.

Download our FREE recipe book to get you started or watch the videos below for some quick and easy methods.


How do I start?

Unlike other brands that use liquid collagen in a measured dose, Correxiko powdered collagen allows you to dictate the dosage based on your requirements. 

The beauty of powdered collagen is that it is taste-free, with zero added sugars, sweeteners or additives and can be added to your daily beverages and foods. 

We recommend topping up your dose throughout the day with Correxiko capsules.

If your goal is to improve the appearance and feel of your skin, hair and nails:

Take 4 Correxiko collagen capsules in the morning, followed by 2 rounded tablespoons of Correxiko collagen powder in food or drink throughout the day. Our favourite methods are dissolving the powder in coffee or lemon water.

If you are looking to support joints and ligaments:

Take 4 Correxiko collagen capsules in the morning, followed by 2 rounded teaspoons of Correxiko collagen powder, in a drink of choice approx 45 minutes before a moderate workout. 

What to expect

Dosage per dayDuration for full results to be establishedEffects
Skin10g2 - 4 monthsIn 1-2 weeks start to notice softer more hydrated skin and nails growing better
Hair10g3 - 6 monthsIn 1 month start to see new hair growth
Gut5g - 10g1 - 3 monthsWithin 2 weeks start to reduce gut inflammation and improve nutrient absorption
Joints10g - 15g4 - 6 monthsIn one month start to see improvements in flexibility
Bone10g - 15g6 - 12 monthsIn 2 months start to feel a lessening of pain
Muscle10g - 15g2 - 4 monthsIn 1 month feel an increase in muscle strength
Sleep5g - 10g1 - 2 weeksWhen taken before sleep, notice a longer and deeper sleep pattern