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Watch what famous celebrities and customers like you say about our premium range of Collagen

Lisa Snowdon Discusses CORREXIKO Collagen

Lisa Snowdon discusses with Charlotte Dormont the positive effects of  CORREXIKO Collagen 

Self Care Sunday By Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon discusses her journey with CORREXIKO Collagen.

Blair Walnuts Reviews CORREXIKO Collagen

Blair Walnuts reviews on how CORREXIKO Marine Collagen helped her with the amazing hair!

Abigail James Showcases CORREXIKO Collagen

Abigail James, the Award winning aesthetician, skincare & wellbeing expert, author, trained yogi, discusses the benefits of CORREXIKO Marine Collagen on her performance.

Rosie Millen Shares Her Top Skin Tips

"Miss Nutritionist" Rosie Millen, Author of Burnouts A B*tch, specialising in fatigue and energy management, shares her top tips in maintaining a healthy skin using CORREXIKO Collagen.

Susannah Taylor Talks About Her Favorite Collagen

Susannah Taylor, the YOU magazine columnist, founder of Get The Gloss (ex beauty ed of Vogue/ Glamour), talks in this exclusive video about CORREXIKO Collagen and what makes it so special!

Olivia Falcon Shares Her Experience With CORREXIKO

Olivia Falcon, Founderof the  Editor's List and former beauty director of Tatler, made her own research and selected CORREXIKO Marine Collagen for her daily routine. She explains what she liked and what difference does it make to her own wellbeing.

SheerLuxe Reviews CORREXIKO Skin Supplement

The Beauty Editor of SheerLuxe reviews with friends the Skin Supplement of CORREXIKO on a video set.

Suzzane M. shared her journey with Marine Collagen

Rosie Millen, aka Ms Nutritionists Reviews CORREXIKO

Catherine explains her experience with CORREXIKO Marine Collagen

Suzanne reviews how collagen helped her with her skin in 30 days!