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Get ready to glow with Correxiko

Look good, feel great with collagen smoothie recipes from Rosie Millen

Collagen is all the rage at the moment. It seems to be the hottest, most popular ingredient to take. So, what is it and what does it do?

Collagen is a fibrous and very strong protein that is found abundantly in the body but mostly in the skin, bones and connective tissue. It is responsible for providing strength and structure in the body. There are two types of collagen – Endogenous (naturally found inside the body) and exogenous (synthetically made, for example, powders and supplements).

Collagen makes up 75% of your skin’s support structure so in essence, it is the framework of your skin and therefore responsible for its youthfulness. It also plays a role in restoring dead skin cells. This is why it is such a prevalent ingredient in millions of health and beauty products today.

Included in the book are 10 delicious smoothies, each targeting a specific ailment with collagen in too:

Glowing Skin
Sleeping Beauty
Hormone Balance
Pre Workout
Digestive Aid
Smoothie Berry Bowl
Brain Booster
Green Goddess Bowl
Hair Growth