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Correxiko's Mission is Simple:

To supply customers with the products they’re searching for; these products will be the best products you will find in the industry.

They will be the best based on

  • Quality of ingredients
  • Effectiveness of the blend or the ingredient
  • A good price; not cheap but not over the top luxury brand pricing
  • Transparent methods – there’s no magic in what we produce or create. The magic is in our honest approach to supplying the customers’ needs, and in the fact that we’re not looking to ‘make a fast buck’. We are trying to make a name for ourselves and to build loyalty.
  • Customer Service – our response to customers emails, calls, complaints, concerns, questions will be at the forefront of what we do.
  • To teach – we want the customer to understand what they need and to do the right things to achieve their goals. If our product isn’t appropriate for them, then we want to say that. If they’re better off doing something else, then we want to let them know that. We want to advise and help even if sometimes that loses us the sale.Again, this is in the bid to build trust and loyalty.