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Alcohol & Ageing: Health expert shares five wow-factor reasons for cutting back

Alcohol & Ageing: Health expert shares five wow-factor reasons for cutting back

Enjoy glowing skin, more energy and good sleep with our alcohol-free drink ideas. 

Our goal as a business is to help you as much as we can get that gorgeous glowing skin that we know you love. So let’s talk about alcohol and how watching your intake can greatly improve your wellness and radiance this season. 

Let’s talk alcohol: how it affects skin, sleep and energy, plus great alcohol-free drink suggestions to help us feel great this festive season. 

We know this time of year can be tricky for those of us who drink alcohol to reduce their intake. December is usually a busy and very social month of the year for festive celebrations where alcoholic tipples can be hard to avoid.  Unfortunately when it comes to our wellbeing and beauty, too much alcohol intake can cause us to feel fatigued, mess with our sleep and make our skin look lacklustre and dehydrated. 

This week Correxiko fan and wellbeing expert Charlotte Dormon shares with us her top five wow-factor reasons for reducing alcohol this festive season, so you can experience the benefits it can have on your skin, mood and sleep. 

“Having hangovers in your 40’s and 50’s is a very different experience to the hangovers we had in your 20’s, with so many of us saying how badly they suffer, and take days to bounce back after a night out drinking alcohol. There are many benefits (including saving a fortune on your bar bill and taxi’s home!!) that we could list about not having alcohol, but here are some of my faves that benefit your health and beauty”

  1. More energy
    Alcohol can zap your energy in multiple ways. As well as giving you a hangover, it affects the quality of your sleep (see the next point), making you feel more tired the next day. It puts extra strain on your liver, one of whose tasks is to store and release glucose for energy. It can also deplete your body of vital vitamins and minerals that help convert food to energy, such as vitamin B1 and magnesium. 
  2. Better sleep
    Yes, having a few drinks can make you feel drowsy and often gets you to fall straight to sleep. But it’s actually bad news for how well you sleep. Your shuteye is more likely to be disrupted in the second half of the night. And the amount of time spent in REM sleep – the phase most associated with dreaming – may reduce too. All this makes your sleep less restorative, so even if you’ve been in bed for eight hours, you’ll feel unrefreshed and foggy-headed the next day. 
  3. Feel happier
    Did you know alcohol is actually a depressant? Although it can have a short-term mood-boosting effect, its long-term effects can be negative. It can disrupt levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin – the ‘happy hormone’ – leaving you more prone to depression and anxiety. 
  4. Healthier weight
    Have you thought about how many calories you’re consuming just in alcohol? A large glass of wine can contain over 200 calories – around the same as two large slices of bread or half a big bowl of pasta. This means that a bottle of wine can ‘cost’ you the same in calories as eating an extra full meal. The result, over time, can be potentially harmful, unwanted weight gain.
  5. Clearer and younger-looking skin
    Alcohol is dehydrating and can leave your skin looking dry and sallow. It can also deplete vitamins and minerals vital for healthy skin, including vitamin C, zinc and B vitamins. It may affect your hormone balance, increasing your likelihood of breakouts. And, perhaps worst of all, alcohol can have an ageing effect on your skin. So, cutting out alcohol as much as possible could be your passport to healthier, glowing, young-looking skin. Did you know that singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, partially credits not drinking alcohol for her youthful looks. 

What to drink when you are avoiding alcohol?  There are so many options from alcohol-free wine and beer, to a simple tonic or iced tea with a slice of lemon. Head to our blog to read up on Charlotte’s favourite alcohol-free fizz to get you through the season  feeling good. 


Planning on drinking alcohol this season? Read our blog by Dr Naomi Beinart all about hangovers and how collagen can help reduce them.

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