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No more hair loss! Getting to the root solution of hair challenges during menopause

No more hair loss! Getting to the root solution of hair challenges during menopause

Getting to the root solution of hair loss during menopause. Let’s talk about hair loss during menopause and how we can help you. 

Menopause is a transformative phase, with many changes and challenges faced by women of all different ages and stages of life. However, one of the most common and distressing issues experienced by so many women during and after menopause is hair loss.   

We want to explain the reasons behind these hair challenges during menopause and share the results and reasons, plus how we have found a combination of marine collagen powder and omega-3 can greatly improve the health of the scalp, increase hair growth and help with overall gloss and radiance. 

Menopause and Hormonal Dynamics

To understand the connection between menopause and hair health, it is vital first to acknowledge the role of hormones, most notably oestrogen and why it impacts the growth of our hair.

The Hormonal Shift:

During menopause, there is a diminishment in oestrogen levels. Oestrogen is known to bolster hair growth and sustain its thickness and hydration. As these hormone levels decline, the hair follicles become more responsive to androgens (male hormones), fostering hair thinning and desiccation.

Comprehending Hair Thinning and Dryness:

Hair Thinning: The reduction of oestrogen can curtail the growth phase of hair and postpone the emergence of new strands, consequently precipitating diminished hair volume and density.

Hair Dryness: Oestrogen is also implicated in preserving the moisture equilibrium of hair. A reduction in oestrogen can result in dry and brittle hair.

The Collagen Solution:

Collagen is a predominant protein in our bodies and is vitally important for hair health. Collagen confers structural support to the hair follicles, fortifying their robustness and durability. 

“My hair is finally growing, and it looks so much better. I have been taking the Correxiko marine collagen capsules daily for three months now, and my hair is shiny and looks healthy, with more volume at the roots. I have also noticed my skin has improved a lot too, much less dry than before.” Zoe Winn, Celebrity Hairstylist

Marine Collagen Powder: A Natural Elixir for Hair:

  1. Enriched with Amino Acids: Marine collagen is replete with indispensable amino acids, the elemental constituents of proteins such as collagen. These amino acids invigorate the development of resilient and vigorous hair.
  1. Stimulation of Collagen Synthesis: Collagen supplements actuate the intrinsic collagen synthesis machinery within our bodies, endowing benefits not solely to the hair but also to the skin and nails.
  1. Thickness of Hair: Research has found that collagen supplementation can improve hair thickness and reduce hair loss. 

Sarah Jane, a makeup artist from Surrey, said she is Completely amazed at how much more hydrated my skin looks in only seven days - OMG so happy”.  Sarah told us she had never expected such quick results and thought it would take weeks to see any changes, when in fact, she saw noticeable results in the plumpness and hydration of her skin after just seven days of taking 10g of marine collagen powder in hot water with lemon each morning with 2 Omega capsules.

Omega-3 and Your Hair: The Beautiful Connection

Omega-3 fatty acids are renowned for their diverse health benefits, but their role in hair health is often overlooked. Here's why omega-3 fish oil supplementation can be highly valuable for maintaining luscious locks during and after menopause.

  1. Scalp Nourishment:

Omega-3s are vital for a healthy scalp. They improve blood circulation to the hair follicles, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy hair growth.

  1. Easing Inflammation:

Scalp inflammation can disrupt hair growth and lead to hair loss. Omega-3s have potent anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm an irritated scalp.

  1. Moisture Magic:

Omega-3s help retain moisture in the hair, preventing dryness and brittleness – common concerns during menopause when oestrogen levels dip.

  1. Strength and Thickness:

These fatty acids are the building blocks of the hair's structural proteins. By incorporating omega-3s into your diet, you're essentially giving your hair the tools it needs to maintain strength and thickness.

How to Get Your Omega-3:

Fatty Fish: Incorporate fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines into your diet. They're packed with omega-3s.

Supplements: Correxiko Ultra Omega-3 fish oil is a high-quality omega-3 supplement from wild deep-sea fish. Unlike most other supplements on the market, our omega-3 contains super high levels of EPA & DHA and has no aftertaste They are now are second best-selling supplement after our collagen thanks to the wonderful results our customers are seeing in their health and beauty.  

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