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Victoria Beckham's morning health & fitness regime

Victoria Beckham's morning health & fitness regime

Famous for her career in the British girl band The Spice Girls and more recently for her clothing and makeup collection, Victoria has always been highly regarded as an icon for her sense of style. 

As well as being known for her singing and fashion career, Victoria’s health, fitness and beauty rituals have always been hot topics in the news.

In her recent interview, we found out that Victoria had a morning health routine that we thought sounded super. And more so as it’s also a morning ritual that so many of our Correxiko customers also swear by for glowing skin and great health…

What is it, and is it going to be a load of hard work?

You will be pleased to hear there’s no juicing, blending, baking, or bright icky green shots to glug back - It’s just simply drinking a cup of coffee with collagen peptides added - hurrah! 

Is that all? Do I just need to have a cup of coffee with collagen? 

Okay, well, we know that Mrs Beckham does A LOT more than just drinking her collagen coffee to stay looking that healthy and fit in her mid 40’s!  In her recent interview, she explained that after she has finished her vigorous morning workout on her treadmill first thing in the morning, she then enjoys a drink of coffee with collagen peptides.   

Will it work for me?

Indeed it will. We are pleased to say that hundreds of our happy customers like to start their day by adding Correxiko collagen powder to their morning coffee. They say they find it one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to start their day. 

"I have been using Correxiko in my morning coffee ritual for the last 3 months and I am thrilled with the results. My skin is glowing and my hair and nails are so much stronger, I'm getting all sorts of positive compliments. I top up my collagen intake with the marine capsules and have found that I am definitely sleeping better, which then gives me more energy in the day. Would definitely recommend (and have done to everyone I meet!)" Sarah, 42 from Marlow.

Our collagen powder can be added to, and works just as effectively in hot or cold liquids - so whether you fancy iced coffee, decaf coffee, hot back Americano coffee, frothy milky coffee, or cold brew - have it your favourite way, as it all works just as well with our collagen.

Image source: Instagram/BrooklynBeckham

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