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Victoria's Secret model, Abbey Clancy, shares her skincare secrets!

Victoria's Secret model, Abbey Clancy, shares her skincare secrets!

Image Credit: Victoria's Secret Christmas Campaign

Enjoy camera-confident skin with Correxiko! We show you exactly what model Abbey Clancy did to prepare for Victoria’s Secret fashion shoot. 

The winter season can be a challenging time for our skin. Cold air and central heating often both have a big impact on our overall complexion, leaving it dehydrated and looking a little lacklustre.  

Make yourself a beauty brew. During this time of year, we advise our customers to up the ante on hydration and enjoy more healthy hot drinks that will keep them adequately hydrated (and warm!) throughout the day to ensure they are topped up with the level of H2o our skin requires to help us glow better. Some of our personal favourites include ginger & lemon, chamomile & honey, hibiscus, cinnamon, berry, mint and green tea. All of these teas taste just as delicious with our collagen powders added to them, giving you the beauty and well-being benefits of collagen peptides + herbal hydration - simple and super effective.

Click here for inspiration and ideas of how to add collagen to your every day.

Abbey Clancy for Victoria's Secret

How to get camera-confident skin this season?  We share what Victoria’s Secret model Abbey Clancy did to prep for her festive shoot. 

Correxiko fan and model Abbey Clancy recently became the new star of this season's Victoria’s Secret holiday collection campaign, and we think she looks stunning. 

Just how is she getting that glow on?

She uses Correxiko every day. Abbey recently posted pictures on her Instagram of her daily routine, which included a pilates workout, a healthy salad, and our marine collagen capsules.


She tackles winter skin with hot water and lemon, Hydrafacials, serums and Correxiko. Another recent post on her stories revealed how Abbey has been taking extra care of her skin this winter by having Hydrafacials with skincare expert Natali Kelly using 111 Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion serum, drinking warm water with lemon and taking Correxiko marine collagen capsules. 

She starts her day with lemon water + Correxiko collagen powder. Lemon water is a well-known health and beauty tonic that’s great for improving overall digestive well-being, liver health, hydration, and cleansing the body of impurities. Adding collagen to this combination provides a rich elixir of peptides, vitamin C and hydration that = glowing skin and great health.

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