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Best Skincare Products You Should Use For Skin Toning

Best Skincare Products You Should Use For Skin Toning

5 minute read

Skincare is a regime that most of us are familiar with. We all want even-toned skin, but there are so many products to choose from! It’s not always easy figuring out which skin care products you should use for skin toning and to achieve lighter and brighter skin. If you are looking for the best skincare products you should be using for skin toning, look no further:-)

The Changing Face of Beauty

Skincare is no longer just a black and white thing, and nor is it for women only, either. More and more, men – and especially male celebrities and Hollywood stars such as George Clooney, Drake, Chris Pratt, and Pharrell Williams  – are open and frank about their skincare routines, preferred products, and even their surgical enhancements (also known as “plastic surgery” procedures).

Celebrities help lessen stigma and hearsay about skin conditions by openly discussing their challenges and symptoms. In turn, this enables the rest of us to seek solutions to health problems we probably never would have considered before.

What Determines Skin Color?

The color of skin is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin, and is mostly due to genetic makeup. People with darker skin have more melanin than Caucasians.

Skincare Products You Should Use For Skin Toning | Correxiko - The Skin Experts

Is it possible to make skin lighter and brighter?

Yes. There are several ways that skin color can be “lightened“ to reduce pigmentation issues, eliminate skin blemishes, lighten discolouration spots, and even your skin tone. Not all of these methods to lighten and brighten skin are safe or even effective.

Though used interchangeably when discussing skin tone and pigmentation issues, skin whitening, skin brightening, and skin lightening are actually three different methods of “evening” your skin tone.

  • What is Skin Whitening?

Also known as skin bleaching, the rumors surrounding drastic skin color changes abound about celebrities like Beyoncé, Nicky Minaj, Lil Kim, and more. Designed to lighten skin tone to several shades lighter than those you have now, skin whitening is chemical-based and historically contained mercury or hydroquinone to inhibit the formation of melanin.

Inorganic mercury contained in skin lightening soaps and creams can lead to kidney damage, skin rashes, skin discolouration, irreversible scarring, feelings of anxiety or depression, and even peripheral neuropathy. Inorganic mercury is toxic to cells, if used for a long period of time in skin conditions like hyperpigmentation or premature ageing.

In addition, these so-called “miracle ingredients” stop working when you stop taking them, reversing the whitened-skin effect all those melanin-suppressants created. Skin whitening is thus a lifetime commitment once you start the process, and poses a life-threatening risk to your health and well-being, too.

  • What is Skin Brightening?

Designed as a treatment that increases skin radiance, skin brightening works by removing dead skin cells to revitalize and rejuvenate tired skin. Examples of this include exfoliators and face scrubs.

Over-exfoliation can damage the skin’s natural barrier level and leave permanent scarring behind. In addition, generic exfoliating creams and lotions do not take individual skin conditions into account, often resulting in side effects, abrasions to the skin, and even chemical burning. Exfoliating the skin too often can also compromise the skin’s barrier function, leading to dehydrated skin and damaged capillaries.

  • What is Skin Lightening?

Traditional creams and skin lightening supplements were designed as a treatment for uneven skin tone due to hyperpigmentation (such as sun damage) or everyday dark spots known as melasma (commonly seen in pregnancy and other hormone-related conditions).

Lightening creams are a popular but dangerous way to lighten the skin, and while it can work in the short term, lightening creams ultimately cause skin to darken further and more quickly than before, even resulting in additional patches and damaging skin further in the long term.

At its worst, lightening creams can burn and scar skin and give an overall patchy discoloration across the face and body.

The Correxiko Difference

Where bleaching and chemical treatments are harsh and toxic, our Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement capsules target every single cell evenly through your body, for a more permanent and safe result.

The Correxiko Lightening Supplement delivers active ingredients to the very source of melanin production – deep inside the epidermis – the layer of skin where melanocytes are located. It works naturally from the inside, at the source of where skin ageing and pigmentation occurs, giving a more uniform lightening result throughout the body so you won’t need to worry about patchiness or application consistency.

Manufactured in the UK, each premium ingredient is active and natural with no binding or bulking agents, additives or preservatives added. The Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement is also free from Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, GMO, and Soy.

Just bright skin ingredients in every capsule:

  • Pomegranate Extract: Contains Ellagic acid which helps to suppress dark spots from UV Damage.
  • Pine (pinus pinaster) Bark Extract (95% OPC): For Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, brown and age spots.
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Extract (95% Curcuminoids): Helps reduce skin blemishes, red, angry inflammation and hyperpigmentation.
  • Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Extract (95% Piperin): Piperine enhances the bioavailability of all active ingredients
  • Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract (15:1): Treats hyperpigmentation, age spots and freckles.
  • L-Glutathione (Reduced): One of the most popular skin whitening supplements.
  • UvaUrsi: Otherwise known as “nature’s hydroquinone”. Great for Melasma (from pregnancy hormones) and Ochronosis. Alpha-arbutin is the active compound.

What are the Key Benefits of the Correxiko Lightening Supplement?

  • Neutralises free-radicals which damage skin cells and stimulate melanin production
  • Targets the causes and symptoms of hyperpigmentation
  • Provides a more even skin tone and helps the rejuvenation of the skin
  • Lessens the symptoms of sun damage and free radical damage
  • It’s fast, painless and non-toxic.

Check it out here: 

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