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The One Supplement You Should Be Taking Every Morning For A Smoother Skin Tone

The One Supplement You Should Be Taking Every Morning For A Smoother Skin Tone

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Skin blemishes are a natural part of growing older, which include uneven skin tone, dark spots, or blemishes. You need the Correxiko Lightening Supplement to help even your skin tone.

Skin lightening can be done for a number of reasons, but the above three triggers tend to be the most dominant reasons. The end result however is almost always the same: people want acceptance.

It’s no wonder then that there is so much controversy surrounding skin-lightening techniques and products.

As with all skin-related health conditions, there is still a lot of stigma and superstition surrounding skin whitening, made worse by the images and botched bleach jobs we’ve seen celebrities go through.

This is recreational skin lightening at its most damaging.

What causes uneven skin tone?


Hyperpigmentation occurs when there is an overproduction of melanin in the skin and hair, causing irregular patches of darker skin.

Hypopigmentation happens when the skin lightens due to an underproduction of melanin. The result is “aged skin” and it can make you look up to 12 years older.

Pigmentation disorders are more common than you think, and are best diagnosed through a qualified dermatologist to find underlying causes. Pigmentation disorders characteristically also result in dry, scaly, rough skin texture that can have many underlying causes, too but is mostly due to a lack of hydration in the skin.

While pigmentation disorders and uneven skin tone or texture can also be symptoms of underlying illnesses, most instances are painless and harmless but can leave you feeling stigmatized and embarrassed.

This leaves those with uneven skin tone to look to skin lightening supplements to balance their pigmentation disorders.

What is a skin lightening supplement?

Lightening supplements should be formulated with naturally active ingredients to gradually lighten skin all over the body in a safe and effective way.

 Most people think just a couple of applications will do the trick, but skin lightening is a process that takes anywhere between 3-6 months to actually realize the difference in your skin.

To lessen the damage done to our skin, we need to lessen the inflammatory response in our bodies that result in darkened skin.

Blotchy skin conditions (such as UV damage, Melasma from pregnancy hormones, freckles and age spots) would traditionally use bleaching or chemical treatments, which are notoriously harsh and toxic.

Lightening creams and lightening lotions are a short-term solution but remain a dangerous way to lighten the skin effectively because they ultimately cause the skin to darken in additional spots and quicker than before.

Lightening creams and lotions are also known for burning and scarring skin when used incorrectly or without real medical advice.

Skin lightening supplements are delivered using active ingredients that target and penetrate the layer of skin that really matters in pigmentation disorders – the epidermis.

This layer of skin is where melanocytes are located, and are responsible for aging skin and uneven skin tone.

How do I take a skin supplement?

Whilst the idea of “just popping a capsule” and having your skin rejuvenate its natural glow without any effort is definitely a goal for some, the Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement requires a more holistic approach to managing and taking care of your body’s most precious asset: the skin.

We believe that health begins within, and requires a change of lifestyle to successfully manage. This change in lifestyle need not be a big one, either. For example, if eating fast foods creates acne or pigmentation issues, a change in diet may be needed.

As we correct the lifestyle challenges that occur when we follow unhealthy lifestyles, our skin and health also begin to improve and correct themselves. The body is a learning organism, and the more you teach it, the wiser it grows.

Supplements in general, and skin lightening supplements specifically, require that we take better care of ourselves to limit the triggers that cause pigmentation disorders, to begin with.


A supplement is only as good as the support it gets, and the lifestyle we lead that could limit or prevent supplements from working effectively.

The Correxiko Lightening Skin Supplement

Manufactured from premium, natural, active ingredients in the UK, the Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement is free from binding or bulking agents, additives or preservatives.

For those with food sensitivities, the Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement is also free from gluten, yeast, dairy, GMO, and soy products or ingredients.


The Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement includes the most natural and scientifically-proven ingredients to aid in naturally lightening uneven skin tone where it matters the most – from inside the skin itself.


Natural melanin inhibitors like liquorice, pomegranate and pine bark extract, and hyperpigmentation removers from antioxidants like L-Glutathione and Curcumin, are also used.

With regular, routine skin cleansing and maintenance regimes, a holistic approach to your uneven skin tone, and using the Correxiko Skin Lightening Supplement as directed, you could see long-lasting results in as little as just a few weeks.

Lightening Supplement Capsules

Lightening Supplement Capsules


Lighten freckles, age spots, and darkened skin with the intensively targeted Lightening Supplement. It works to target skin cells from the inside, providing the natural active ingredients that lighten and brighten skin, minimize hyperpigmentation, and reduce patchy or darkened skin.… read more

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